November 2014 — Issue 20


Check out the latest from The Light Ekphrastic November 2014 issue is now up!

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We are pleased to share the work of the following artists and writers in the 20th issue of The Light Ekphrastic:
Sandy Anderson– Untitled; Plié, Tendu, Relevé (paintings)

Sam Corfman– Between Birds; Stonework (poetry)

Eleanor Edgeworth — Flight at Dawn; Grace From Stone (mixed media paintings)

Juliannah Harrison– Horizon Joe; Motherhood (izanami-no-Mikato births kagu Tsuchi (causer of fire)) (drawings)

Katie Hogan -- Breaking Bread; Between Worlds (poetry)

Maureen Hynes– The New Calligrapher; To bring people back from the dead (poetry)

Sharain Mines– Breaking Bread; True Reflection (paintings)

Erin Ouslander — Sticks and Stones Will Heal My Bones

Francine Rubin — Views of a City; Translation (poetry)

Dina Riddle– Changes; Sand in the Cactus (paintings)

John Ronan — The Watchman; Death, A Definition (poetry)

Jordan Shelton — Jobbs: Typographic Portrait

Monique Zamir– The Red Ventricle Fractures into Pieces; On Television (poetry)


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