Interview with Phil Hall from the National Post

National Post | Arts

Near Perth, Ont.

Phil Hall lives on the shores of Otty Lake in two 19th-century cabins that have been joined together as one. It was his wife’s father who spotted them, abandoned, in farmers’ fields, and moved them here, just south of Perth in the Ottawa Valley, log by log; you can still make out the roman numerals carved into the wood so that they could be rebuilt exactly as before. There are books everywhere: old paperbacks laid out in rows on the verandah; a bookshelf crammed with the cowboy stories he loved as a child; a small library under a sloped roof where he comes to read.

It is a quiet life, of books and writing, though Hall is increasingly being drawn into the spotlight. Over the last eight months, he has rattled off a string of award nominations that rival the success of Esi Edugyan and Patrick deWitt…

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