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We’ve all been there: the Slush Pile. That netherworldly waste land of hopes, fears, and dreams. We write our stories, pen our poems, and send our art out into the art-hating world of television-loving football fans. And yet. And yet, somehow, authors are discovered through the slush pile every single day. At the New Yorker, hundreds of poems and stories come in every day. Every now and then an editor will reach out to the author, if their submission’s good but not quite ready, and request another story. Often, nothing comes of it, but every now and then this leads to the author eventually publishing. Another one of our beloved mags, The Southern Review, gets anywhere between fifty and a hundred stories a week and maintains that 95 percent of accepted stories from the slush. This means there’s hope! So, dear writers, how does one stand out among the…

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