Along Viale San Marco


Along Viale San Marco is a found poem created using From a picture of Viale San Marco in Monfalcone, the word camera generated a source text from which I carved out my poem.

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Viale San Marco Viale San Marco

Along Viale San Marco


An urban, an autumn, and a daytime.
The urban translates.
Autumn. Never winter.
Daytime. Never nighttime.
This time, the urban is opposite of
a locating characteristic.
A city life translates to urbanus.
To city metro.
It is a write work.

For instance, nature and lawn:
nature holds an evolve-shape of bird,
and the lawn translates to claro,
a patch of grass in front of a house.

No, it relates to linen.
It evokes everything live,
an outdoors, an open-air.
It is not an indoors. It precipitates
a flower. The flower longs for growing toward sun.
A plant cultivating its blossoms.
Cultivating for its blossoms.
Whenever, it constitutes.


For example, an architecture and a road:
the architecture recalls the road as roadway.
A part of city never educes highway,
it associates with pavement.

No, it is used for cross notwithstanding the architecture

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One Beautiful Mosaic



Montfalcone, home of Massimo Soranzio, this week’s gracious guide, is in the province of Gorizia, where we find the Grado lagoon and Camargue horses, and a mixture German, Slovenian, and Latin cultures.



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Grado, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia Grado, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italia (totentanz: Wikipedia)

One Beautiful Mosaic

The Grado lagoon traces
golden beaches,
canals among islets.

Birds and Camargue horses
live wild among the elements of cultures,
vibrant with color of the coast,

the theatre of calcareous rock
the vineyard-dotted hills.

Poet: Carol A. Stephen
Source: Italia, Discover Italy: Gorizia

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Fortress in Medieval


Today the Found Poetry Frontiers group is off to Montfalcone, Italy, for this week’s leg of the FAVIT tour. Come along with us to tour this northern Italian town on the Adriatic coast!

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Italiano: Monfalcone (GO) - La Rocca. 18-10-2008 Monfalcone – La Rocca. (Wikipedia)

Fortress in Medieval

laboratories of fossils
from ancient religious excavations

among trenches, cartroads
to 500 million years of open air

a place of rocks,
a place of cave concretions

Poet: Carol A. Stephen
Source: Agenzia Turismo Friuli Venezia Giulia

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Gelato Love Story


Visited Stella Luna Gelato on location at the Carp Farmers Market this morning. I was so pleased to find them a little bit closer to home! Pure indulgence. My brother, Norm, had the Ferrero Rocher and I had the Chocolate Toffee flavour. What a lovely tasty treat! I had to write something for the last couple of days of the FAVIT visit to Ottawa!

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Various flavours of gelato Gelato ( Wikipedia)

Gelato Love Story
at the Stella Luna Café, Ottawa

A Roman, a Ducati, the movies. History.

The absurdities of coins in the clouds.

Not speaking the language, we ate gelato,

in love with whipped air, the flavours of

soft silk, a dense pleasure of chocolate,

a black night, a hot sun,

a pure moon, and


Poet: Carol A. Stephen

Source: Stella Luna Café

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