Poetry Super Highway Poem-A-Day Challenge

Not sure I can keep up the pace of three poems per day but I did manage that today.  This one is posted on Facebook in response to the first prompt:


A Prompt-A-Day for National Poetry Month: April 1 – ‪#‎napowrimo‬ ‪#‎poetry‬

Unlike most inanimate objects, water is nearly always in motion. And we are each comprised of so much water, we are more inextricably connected to it than nearly any other substance. Write a poem in the voice of water. Could be ocean water, river water, rain, water in the body, water in a glass. How does it feel? What are its hopes, its fears and desires? What does it want to say?
Submitted by Robert Wynne ( http://www.rwynne.com

stones pic for blog

River Reverie

Always sliding smoothly over river rocks
touching their cool faces, stirring the smaller pebbles
from their beds, not one has offered a single stroke in return
nor whispered to tell me what it feels like to be washed,
to feel the soft ripple of my flow over them. Yet—

each day they remain, locked in the soil on the bottom,
while I travel always to the sea, then upwards to the sky
to return again as rain. As rain, I fall once more to the long trough
I’ve etched from the rock over countless ages, slowly turning
its face to sand. Ah! Then they follow me with the tide,
wash the face of the shore, become beach, and there
they sparkle at last in the hot sun.


Carol A. Stephen
April 1, 2015